Paddling Macaulay Point to Victoria Gorge

Today we realized that we hadn’t taken our canoe, WilMa (Named for William (Bill) Mason, the Godfather of Canadian paddlers), out and gotten her all wet in quite some time! Since we had nothing planned for the day we decided to just take her down and do a quick paddle from Esquimalt into the Gorge.

Launching from Macualay Point Park

Views of downtown Victoria

Yours truly, and look I’m all clean shaven!

Paddling under the Johnson Street Bridge

We paddled into the city, watching the seaplanes land and take off again and watching all the activity in and out of the harbour. So much happening here in this little city of ours!

Once we made it up into the inlet, we pulled into a little, rocky beach and had ourselves a little picnic lunch on the shore.

After a little more exploring in the gorge, we could again feel the weather about to turn so we turned the bow back out to sea and paddled back to our launch point. It was a beautiful little paddle and a fantastic time to be out on the water!

Heading out to sea

You can see a few more pictures from our day here –

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