Our First Adventure and the Creating of Team B

So, dear readers let me spin you a tale of the first adventures of Shana and I and how we became Team B.

We first met many, many moons ago.

We dated when we were 12, here we are on Halloween.

This picture was taken at a Halloween party and Marc has already taken off his costume, which explains my hair. – comment by Shana 

She was my first girlfriend and I think we dated for a whopping 6 months, which at 12 is a huge percentage of your life! Crazy sauce!

Fast forward a few years, maybe a decade or three and we reconnect on Facebook (I kid you not).

This was taken when we were first reunited after almost 3 decades apart.

At least I am no longer dressed for Halloween. – comment by Shana

Anyone who knows Shana, knows how awesome she is and it took me all of about 5 minutes to realize that there is no way I was going to let someone this awesome out of my life so I set my trap while she was still bleary, and not quite awake. Hell she hadn’t even finished her first cup of coffee yet, I tricked her into wearing the ring I bought her. As everyone knows once you put that ring on, it’s a binding contract, so with that bit of skulduggery, I had tricked her into marrying me!

We decided that we didn’t want a traditional wedding, nor did we want a lot of froo-froo or brouhaha on our day but we did require a certain level of shenanigans. So with that in mind we figured the best bet would be we’d have our wedding in a pub, a craft beer pub and it’d be a surprise wedding at least as far as the guests attending the wedding were concerned.

Shana had secretly been planning a surprise party for me so she let me in on that surprise and without telling anyone else we started planning for that to be the day we got married. It was everything that we could have hoped for, we surprised all of our friends, we had many delicious beers and best of all the nerd got the girl at the end. Just like the best of the RomComs.

The only thing we forgot to do was punch our rings together and proudly declare, “Team B powers activate!”

For our first of many adventures it was a time of laughter, joy and filled with love. Exactly the way the rest of our lives are going to be.

I love you Shana!

PS: You can see more pictures from our wedding weekend here  – https://goo.gl/photos/J3zdgub1AKnkP4AB6

PPS: After a night at the pub and a few shots of tequila we made the wedding bands that we now wear. You can see the photos for the “Forging of the Rings”, here – https://goo.gl/photos/xn4sQ22XiC7sTNus8

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