Laundry – A Change of Heart

Have you noticed your laundry getting dull? Have your clothes taken on a fuzzy appearance?

Did you know that a lot of laundry detergents contain fillers and harmful chemicals that stay on your clothes and can be absorbed through contact with your skin..Yuck!

I have a DIY laundry soap recipe here, but I found out it’s not the best option..why, because Borax is not body safe. EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning gives Borax a failing grade of D 🙁 not good.

I have switched to a commercial brand “UPP” made by Norwex (Full disclosure I do sell Norwex and that’s how I found it). It meets my body safe and earth friendly requirements. You don’t need to use UPP, just check EWG to find a detergent that doesn’t have harmful chemicals and is safe for the environment. In the mean time I will experiment and try and find Earth Friendly DYI detergent. Of course there are always soap nuts 🙂 Yay for tree’s and these really do the job quite well.

If you have a favorite laundry soap or DIY I would love to hear from YOU.

You can check out how your products rank on EWG:

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