A Tale of Two Milks

I like milk in all of it’s forms, except goat’s milk, I just can’t get past the taste of goat’s milk…yuck. I do however, love 2% cow’s milk, vanilla rice milk and especially vanilla almond milk. My problem is I don’t always have milk on hand when I want a glass. I usually keep powdered whole milk just for those emergencies but it’s not really the best taste. I sometimes substitute with diluted canned milk at a 1:2 ratio of milk and water. Canned milk is better than powdered but there is still a certain taste. Tonight I ran out of almond milk…sigh. So, as usual, I decided to try a DIY version of alternative milk. Basically I am too lazy to go to the store. Let the experiment begin!

I decided to try two different versions, vanilla rice milk and vanilla oat milk.

I started with oat milk first.

Oat Milk

Oat milk is the quickest as it can be made and ready to drink the same day. The recipe is EASY! 1 cup of oats, I used quick cooking oats and I have no idea if this makes any difference at all. If I like the milk I will probably experiment and try it with traditional oats for comparison. For today though it’s quick cooking oats.


  • 8 oz (1 cup) quick cooking oats
  • 10 ml (2 tsp) vanilla
  • 20 ml (4 tsp) corn syrup

Blend the oats with 3 cups of water, 2 tsp vanilla and 4 tsp corn syrup (I used a home made version, I will share the recipe later).  I don’t like my milk overly sweet, if you do then add more corn syrup. Blend well and strain. I tried straining with a coffee filter first as I could not find the cheese cloth, the mixture was way too thick to strain this way. I ended up using a fine mesh strainer and it worked great. After the milk was strained I had a pile of ground oat meal on the bottom which I put into an ice cube mold and froze for my smoothies. No waste always makes me happy and oats are so good for you.

The end product is a little thick but taste great. My first batch is currently in the fridge chilling. Looking forward to seeing how it taste tomorrow and how the consistency holds up.

Pouring a glass of oat milk, it really does look like cows milk.

My second option was rice milk, my husband’s favorite.


  • 3 oz (1/3 cup) rice (I used long grain white but I think brown rice would be the best)
  • 10 ml (2 tsp) vanilla
  • 20 ml (4 tsp) corn syrup or 15 ml (1 Tbs) demura sugar

I began with 1/3 cup of rice and toasted it in my cast iron frying pan on the stove top. I used medium heat and stirred until it had a rich roasted aroma. Remove the toasted rice and place in a glass jar with enough water to cover it. This mixture sits over night. The next day drain and rinse the rice. Blend rice with 3 cups of water. The recipes I found did not list how much sweetener or vanilla to add so I am going to start with the same amount I added to the oat milk, 2 tsp vanilla and 4 tsp corn syrup.

My rice soaking over night. 

Skip to the next morning and I was ready to make the rice milk.

I drained and rinsed the rice. I had toasted a double batch of rice so I decided to make it two ways. The first batch I used the blender and sweetened it with corn syrup. I found the blender didn’t do as good of a job as my Nutribullet 🙁 . You can see in the picture that the mixture is still quite chunky.

rice milk

The second batch I processed in my Nutribullet, I don’t know why I even try to use anything else, the consistency was much better as you can see.

The second batch I sweetened with 15 ml (1 Tbs) of demura sugar. I preferred the demura and think it gives the milk a richer taste. I will use demure to sweeten my oat milk next time as well.

So the results are in!

Rice Milk and Oat Milk side by side – what a difference!

I had Marc do a blind taste test to see which he preferred. Rice Dream is his favorite milk so I was expecting the rice milk to be his choice. I was completely surprised that he preferred the oat milk over the rice milk. For the record he does not like oatmeal. Marc felt the rice milk was too watery and lacked flavor, he also felt the oat milk, while better by comparison, could also use a bit more flavor. I think next time I will use less water in the rice milk and a little more vanilla in both.

I also preferred the oat milk. Visually it looks the most like milk and the consistency was a little creamier and thicker.  I was worried that the mixture would become slimy over night but it didn’t. It does need a bit of a shake before drinking. I also thought the oat milk had an overall better flavor.  I would not try baking with oat milk but I would use try the rice milk in baking.

While I may or may not make rice milk again I will definitely make oat milk again. If you try this let me know what you think and if you have any other tips and tricks.


PS: If you don’t have a nutribullet you have to get one. Nothing blends finer, grinds coffee better or makes better smoothies!

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